Griffin SAN is Childs Play

The Dolls House Emporium, the world’s leading supplier of doll’s houses and miniature collectibles, has chosen Griffin Internet’s Storage Area Network (SAN) for all their hosting and storage requirements. The company, which sells millions of its products worldwide via the web, needed a scaleable storage solution to house all their critical and non critical business data and a resilient business continuity plan in case of hardware failures.

The company will use Griffin Internet’s SAN to host and store critical stock and customer account information which is constantly being updated with live information via its website. Using Griffin’s Leicester Data Centre, The Dolls House Emporium now has a scaleable storage solution which is able to cope with managing and protecting the constant growth in data across the organisation. In case of disaster, the company can use Griffin’s unique snapshot functionality to ensure that the business can be operational immediately without the loss of any business critical information.

Steve Morely, IT Manager, The Dolls House Emporium: “Our website sales contribute to almost half of our business and we cannot afford for it to go down. Griffin Internet’s solution ensures that if there is a hardware failure the site can be up and running in minutes rather than days without the loss of critical data. It is that kind of peace of mind which is invaluable to a business like ours.”

The SANServe solution has been built on an IP Storage Area Network (IP SAN) which has recently been deployed across the Griffin national MPLS network into two separate hosting centres. The SANServe range of services has been developed in response to the demand for a hosting solution to meet the SME IT Manager’s increasing need for SLA backed reliability whilst retaining the ability to scale. Griffin’s SAN offers an unrivalled 100% business reliability guarantee. The SANServe range of services provides a level of reliability, scalability and performance that has never before been available in the SME marketplace

John Dawson, Managing Director, Griffin Internet added: “We are delighted that the Dolls House has chosen SANServe as their hosted storage solution. For companies that depend on e-commerce solutions for their bottom line, the threat of disasters and hardware failures is an ever present danger. Our SANServe removes the need for server-specific hard disk storage and the mirrored arrays of storage ensure that 100% of a companies data is backed up 100% of the time”.

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