Griffin saves XLN on bandwidth costs with DPI

After what they describe as months of extensive testing and a protracted ‘soft’ launch, Griffin Internet is launching DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and bandwidth capping to the channel.

The company says their new product protects network quality whilst saving Griffin Partners up to 50% on their bandwidth costs by analysing the end user traffic and prioritising applications based on profiles set by the Partners themselves.

Sallyanne Hutchinson, Head of IP Business at XLN commented; “There are more and more customers using the internet for both work and play, therefore it is essential for us to protect the quality of our network and to ensure business critical services like VoIP are protected from social usage such as I-Player, Facebook and downloading. The cost to customers and suppliers of bandwidth is spiralling but by using DPI we are able to optimise our customers’ broadband experience whilst at the same time providing them with a superior and affordable product.”

Adrian Sunderland, CTO, Griffin Internet said, “We have invested millions of pounds in equipment and intellectual property perfecting a system that analyses traffic to protect the quality of our network and remain competitive. We are now able to roll this out to Partners wanting to do the same on their own networks.”

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