Griffin sells ex-Fused VoIP services to Microtalk

Griffin announced today that they have sold, for an undisclosed sum, all of the VOIP services they acquired when they purchased the assets and customer contracts of the Fused Group. The purchaser is Worldwide IP Services (trading as Microtalk in the UK) who already operate similar services themselves.

Andrew Dickinson MD of Griffin commented; “This was not a line of business for Griffin prior to the acquisition and whilst we operate the best voice-ready broadband aggregation network in the UK, the actual VoIP services are not on our roadmap at this time.

We chose Microtalk because they operate their own infrastructure and they will be migrating customers away from the ex-Fused servers and onto their own network as soon as possible.”

Paul Havel for Microtalk commented; “This deal adds thousands of end users and resellers to our customer list. We have a lot of experience and expertise in running VoIP services and we welcome ex-Fused customers.”

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