Growing number of businesses putting disaster recovery plans in place

A growing number of UK businesses are preparing for disaster, according to a leading telecoms company.

Encouraged by their insurers, businesses of all sizes are putting in place Disaster Recovery plans in the event of snow, strike action, flooding, fire or a similar unforeseen incident threatening their operations.

Tom Cullen, Managing Director of Merseyside-based Digitel Europe, said modern businesses can turn on their Disaster Recovery plan at the touch of a button.

Tom Cullen, whose head office is in Birkenhead, said: “Disaster Recovery is one of the biggest growth areas of our business as companies come under ever greater pressure to be prepared in the event of a freak event. If a business does not have a disaster recovery plan in place the resulting loss of business can cost tens of thousands of pounds or even put them out of business completely.

“Among the most common are fire, flood and snow and ice, but it could also be something as frustrating as a cable being sliced through crippling a large number of businesses in a particular locality.

“If a business has Disaster Recovery in place, it can instantly move its telecommunication services across to a back-up plan which can include diverting calls to different locations without the loss of functionality and without expensive call forwarding costs.”

Tom Cullen, whose company’s Intelligent Network (INET) delivers a range of innovative communications solutions to SMEs, added: “For a small business, a simple Disaster Recovery plan can cost less than £10 a month, while for a bigger business needing greater functionality it can still work out at only £40 a month. We are finding more and more businesses are deciding this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives them that in the event of something going wrong they can continue trading with minimal disruption.”

The Digitel Europe Group is based in Merseyside and employs 25 people. The group increased turnover from £2.95million in 2010 to £3.2million in 2011 and is forecasting further growth of 18 per cent during 2012.

INET is a service hosted in the Cloud within the network removing the need for businesses to invest in expensive capital equipment.

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