Growing out of broadband with Gradwell EFM

Internet services provider Gradwell has launched what they describe as an innovative and affordable new form of business-grade internet access that removes the risk of the lines failing, taking the business offline.

Whilst a number of providers have operated EFM style products for some time, Gradwell says it is first to market with the new EFM product range from Opal, the business division of TalkTalk’s using their extensive network of 1500 Ethernet ready exchanges.

Known as Gradwell EFM, the company has today announced the launch of a Ethernet first miles service. The service is cheaper than fibre-based Ethernet services, offering a reliable and inexpensive option for businesses requiring fast broadband for more than 10 employees.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) Leased Lines are pairs of copper wires combined to create a single internet service that is super fast and highly reliable. Should there be a fault on the wires, EFM Lines does not drop the service like traditional broadband. EFM stays up in a reduced capacity until the problem is fixed, allowing businesses to continue working.

If a technical fault does occur, businesses are covered by a service level agreement, unlike traditional ADSL lines, and lines are back up and running inside a 6 hour window.

The paired wire system allows for files to be uploaded and downloaded at the same speed (a speed which has a guaranteed minimum threshold) so that business is not hindered by numerous Voice over IP (VoIP) calls or uploading large files, in the same way as traditional broadband.

The speed of an EFM circuit will depend on the distance of the office from the exchange, but is available in 1,500 UK telephone exchanges, so offices up to 4km away will be served.

Managing Director Peter Gradwell said, “We’re delighted to be launching Gradwell EFM Broadband, as in our experience many businesses are stuck between inadequate traditional broadband lines and fibre based Ethernet, which prohibitively expensive.”

To use EFM, BT Openreach installs a number of analogue copper pairs and associated wall sockets. An EFM network adaptor is also installed, providing the site with an RJ45 Ethernet socket, similar to a traditional computer network socket and up to eight public IP addresses.

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