Growing SIP Market says VoIP Unlimited

Steve Bieniek, Sales Director at VoIP Unlimited says his company would like to highlight the growing opportunity in offering SIP trunks to the mid-market sector.

“Larger businesses will tend to have fixed IP connections in the form of leased lines ranging from 2Mb to 10Mb +, where broadband just isn’t robust enough and does not carry the amount of bandwidth and the Service Level Guarantee required to support the amount of users within the business.

These leased line circuits are relatively expensive in comparison to a business ADSL circuit, and are often underutilized. By pushing business calls over these lines it reduces the business’s fixed line costs by cutting out multiple ISDN 30 circuits, leveraging more value from the IP connectivity by utilizing it for voice calls as well as data.

VoIP Unlimited has already taken orders for 10Mb IP circuits, replacing multiple ISDN30s, providing increased flexibility and channel capacity on demand. We see this as a growth area in the SIP trunking market.”

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