GSM Gateway for the VoIP Market

Iridiacom the Hertfordshire based distributor has released a new GSM gateway to take advantage of the growing VoIP market. The CelluNet gateway provides GSM support for SIP IP PBX systems or SIP Providers.

Alan Doyle MD Iridiacom commented, “The CelluNet gateway hits the market at the perfect time as many companies are taking the step into VoIP and this product ensures they can keep the cost savings of being able to make a GSM to GSM call from a VoIP system. Many of our resellers have been asking us for such a product and up until now have been using a VoIP gateway with an analogue GSM gateway to provide a solution. This gateway is a strong addition to the IP Gear/Boscom range of products and means we can now offer all types of PBX connections from analogue, Basic Rate, Primary Rate and now VoIP.”

The CelluNet provides a bridge between the VoIP SIP world into the mobile GSM network. When users make a number of mobile calls from an IP PBX then there are considerable cost savings to be made by using a GSM gateway. Users can use a tariff for GSM to GSM calls which can give a cost saving of up to 40% over landline to GSM calls and in some cases for a user group calls can be free for mobile to mobile.

Doyle says the CelluNet offers other advantages as it can also be used as a backup for ISDN lines or can be used in a temporary environment such as a building site office where lines may take a considerable time to be provisioned, the gateways support incoming or outgoing calls and callers can dial direct to a user.

“The CelluNet is part of the IP Gear range of products and is actually the first product that bridges their two product ranges of VoIP and GSM gateways and opens the market to all sorts of possibilities.”

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