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It has been widely reported this week that Telecommunications provider TalkTalk has been fined £750,000 by the industry regulator Ofcom for making abandoned and silent calls.This news comes only 12 months after the announcement that Homeserve were to be fined £750,000 for the same issue.
Clearly Ofcom are on a mission to enforce the rules and to protect consumers. So how do contact centres maintain high productivity rates, stay on the right side of the regulations and prevent massive fines?

Businesses need 100% confidence in the technology and products that are powering their contact centres. With one of the most reliable and compliant diallers on the market this is something IT Sonix understands.

IT Sonix guarantee:

1.That no calls are dropped before 15 seconds duration.
2.That our dialler will automatically adjust dialling speed to maximise efficiency while remaining 100% compliant.
3.That your contact centre will always operate below the 3% Ofcom limit for silent and abandoned calls.

Don’t just take our word for it, a contact centre manager in Nottingham said “100% Ofcom compliance is critical for us as a business. With our old system a significant number of calls went through to answering machines. The old system had to have Answer Machine Detection (AMD) switched off in order to be Ofcom compliant and this had a large negative impact on performance and agent motivation. With network level detection we have seen improvement as our statistics on agent productivity clearly show.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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