GyPSii gets onto iPhone

The GyPSii location aware mobile social networking application has found a new home, on Apple’s iPhone application store.

iPhone owners can now download GyPSii directly from the popular iPhone App store and immediately start creating and sharing geotagged content in real time with friends, family, and the growing global community of GyPSii members.

The places and experiences users create become internet-searchable destinations, available for friends and communities to share and comment on, not only in GyPSii, but also across other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

GyPSii delivers an all in one mobile social networking experience. It allows people to instantly capture and share what they are actually doing, building a multimedia virtual diary on their world.

Developed by GeoSentric, GyPSii is a social network created solely to cater for today’s mobile lifestyle and a generation of people who want to be socially networked on the move.

Chairman Dan Harple said: “GyPSii and the iPhone is the perfect partnership for user experiences. GyPSii is the only mobile application totally designed to record a users life in real time, to tell their life story, and help people explore their world using the one device that is with them at all times, the mobile phone.

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