Half of digital transformation strategies spurred by pandemic

New research from Pax8 has revealed how business IT needs are evolving across the globe. The report examines the changing tech landscape, the role of digital transformation, and the changing buyer’s purchasing journey and analysing the visible trends.

Pax8 surveyed 400 senior leaders of SMB organisations to find out where they were in their transformation journey. Almost two-thirds said that their main objective for implementing digital transformation is to help them adapt to change.

In addition, 84 per cent of the SMB decision-makers stated that they plan to buy more IT solutions related to their digital transformation initiatives. What’s more, just over half said the pandemic was the impetus for digital transformation strategies that weren’t considered before 2020.

In terms of where technology investments are being made, three-quarters of SMB leaders surveyed noted cloud computing as a priority when investing in digital transformation, with 5G the second highest priority at 41 per cent.

Robert Belgrave, CEO, Pax8 EMEA, explained, “While digital transformation is demonstrating its effectiveness with early organisational and financial benefits, it’s worth noting that transformation is in many ways being judged while it’s still being run.

“At a macro level, it’s easy to see transformation as a powerful disruptive force. However, viewing digital transformation from the perspective of the individual SMBs wending their way through the technology metamorphosis offers much more nuance and visibility into the experiences, goals, and aspirations of business users on the transformation journey.”

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