Half of SMEs in the cloud by 2011

Easynet Connect’s latest research shows that just over half of SMEs will be using cloud computing by the end of this year. This compares with similar research conducted at the end of 2008 where just 22% of SMEs planned to adopt the cloud in a similar timescale (within one year). Looking longer term, those planning to adopt the cloud within five years has gone up from 47% to 73%, showing that most small businesses now see the cloud as a viable option. Also, those flat-out refusing to adopt the cloud at any point has halved, from 53% to 27%, reflecting the growing awareness of what cloud computing is, and the benefits it can provide, among SMEs.

But most businesses still aren’t planning their move to the platform. While half of those interviewed has more than one internet connection, only marginally more businesses are actually improving their internet connections as they adopt the cloud (19% in 2009 vs. 13% in 2008). Alarmingly, the vast majority of businesses (85%) aren’t putting more stringent security measures in place and 71% lack a formal strategy for using cloud computing.

This has a number of ramifications for the channel, ranging from the growth of ISPs providing systems online, how these can be managed by value-adding resellers, as well as how resellers should approach providing and managing how secondary services such as hardware, mobile and connectivity services.

Easynet Connect especially keen to talk about their reseller and sales agent schemes for channel operators looking to sell their connectivity services!

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