Hallmark Hotels Deploys End-to-End IT Solution

The Hallmark Hotels Group has installed an end-to-end hosted IT system to optimise its communications and streamline business processes across its growing UK network of hotels.

The solution combines the technical expertise of network operator TFM Networks and managed network provider Network SI, and provides a single IT platform to run all business applications, hosting all business and customer information securely.

A key additional benefit of opting for a hosted end-to-end IT solution from TFM Networks and Network SI is that it provides Hallmark Hotels with a single point of contact rather than multiple contacts, contracts and service level agreements from separate vendors, simplifying the management process for the hotel group.

The network solution meets current and future business requirements and runs all front office applications, including the group’s booking and reservations systems, in addition to core administrative and finance functions such as pay roll and accounts.

The hotel chain acquired five hotels in the last year, which each had separate, out-dated IT systems. The new network solution has improved communications between each of the sites and allows company resources, such as it’s conferencing diary, to be assessed and shared more easily.

James Hawksworth, financial director at Hallmark Hotels says: “Outsourcing our IT has really paid off. Not only do we have a single point of contact and more streamlined management, but TFM Network’s expertise and experience in the hospitality sector has ensured we have a network solution in place to meet our specific business needs.

“All company information, including records from different hotels and head office, is still held separately at each hotel but with the new network staff can now access the information remotely should they be working off-site or at another property, increasing productivity and supporting flexible working.”

Brett Rowe, sales and marketing director at TFM Networks adds: “The customised solution in place gives Hallmark Hotels the ability to access all IT applications easily from any location. The information is now stored securely in one data centre, allowing the company to access data quickly without fear of downtime or operational problems.”

Hallmark Hotels is planning to increase its numbers to 10 over the next year and the hosted IT network will support the group’s expansion strategy by allowing it to cost effectively roll the solution out to each of the new sites using the central platform that is now in place.

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