Headset for Phone & PC Audio Combo from GN Netcom

Headset vendor GN Netcom has launched the GN 4800 office headset, a corded device for integration between a user’s PC system and desk phone. The company says that business professionals and contact center agents will now be able to use PC audio applications such as e-learning and music, as well as answer telephone calls, all through a single headset.

Additionally the GN 4800 provides increased productivity through hands-free working, enables users to drown out the noise of the modern workplace, enhances job satisfaction and reduces stress, all while ensuring that users never miss a call.

The GN 4800 office headset solution comes in a classic black and silver which will compliment any modern office space. The headset can be easily stored on the GN 4800 stand when not in use. Its simple plug-and-play capability means users can start to use PC audio applications and receive calls as soon as it is connected to their phone and PC USB port. Because the GN 4800 works with traditional and IP telephony it provides a future proof solution for companies who have not yet migrated to IP telephony.

“Unwanted noise in open office environments can decrease productivity by up to 20%, with photocopiers, fax machines and loud colleagues etc all providing distracting sounds. To overcome this problem many people have now turned to music as a way to drown out office noises. The trouble is that when you are listening to music you do not always hear your phone which means important business calls can be missed,” said Hans Henrik Lund, President and CEO of GN Netcom.

“The GN 4800 provides an important addition to our office headset portfolio enabling users to maximize the use and efficiency of their headset and enjoy all the benefits of hands-free working. It provides a smart solution to a well-known problem, turning your headset into a multi-use headset for PC audio applications and telephony,” added Lund.

When using the GN 4800 for PC audio applications such as e-learning or music listening it will automatically switch to telephone mode if there’s an incoming call on the desk phone. If users chose to make a call from their desk phone the GN 4800 will automatically switch to telephone mode.

There are two versions of the GN 4800 available depending on which sound quality a user prefers, either hi-fi stereo or wideband stereo sound. The hi-fi stereo provides users with full hi-fi stereo quality sound (80-15,000 Hz) plus a special noise-cancelling microphone which filters out unwanted background noise for crystal clear communications even in the noisiest working environment. The wideband stereo headset gives users true wideband stereo quality listening (100-8,000 Hz). It features a standard Sound Tube boom arm which fits comfortably in-line with the user’s face, is adjustable, bendable and pivotal providing maximum comfort.

The GN 4800 is compatible with most desk phones, PC/Macintosh and Microsoft Windows and is available now across EMEA .

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