Health of the Minutes Reseller Market

Ian Fishwick of Adept Telecom has told Comms Business Magazine that the financial health of resellers in the ‘minute’ market is often dependent upon carrier pricing. “Every now and again there is a sudden burst of ferocious competition from the carriers and the resellers major cost suddenly drops. We seem to be going through one of those periods again. Several carriers have dropped there prices significantly recently. Is this a pre-emptive strike against the emergence of a giant competitor after the C&W takeover of Energis?

We shouldn’t forget that whilst we operate in the B2B sector, the carriers are also dependent upon the residential market. With most of the major residential players up for sale (OneTel, Tele2, Caudwell) depending upon who buys them there could be a massive switch of traffic from one network to another and the impact of this is bound to ricochet into the B2B market.”

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