Heralding a Bright Future for Mobile Broadband

Huawe announced the successful conclusion of the third 2012 Global MBB Forum in Vancouver, Canada. Supported by GSMA, the event attracted hundreds of leaders from global mobile operators, regulatory agencies, industry analysts, chip manufacturers, content providers, equipment manufacturers and more, to discuss the development and future of mobile broadband (MBB).

Huawei and the Participants from All Around the World

Canada boasts one of the most developed MBB regions in the world with the highest smart device penetration. Two of the top three operators in Canada have deployed UMTS and LTE networks with Huawei that feature superior performance. During deployment of both networks, numerous innovative solutions including UMTS/LTE SingleRAN, Six-Sector, AtomCell and Signalling Storm were implemented.

The Global MBB Forum gathered high-level leaders from operators, research institute executives, spectrum regulation officials and content providers. Attendees shared knowledge and discussed topics about LTE spectrum, new MBB technologies, LTE roaming and future MBB business models. A demonstration of the way in which Huawei is playing an increasingly important role in promoting MBB development, the Forum has the ability to influence the whole industry chain.

The Global MBB Forum also saw the release of new industry-changing end-to-end MBB solutions from Huawei that aim to tackle signaling and connections storms as well as other business challenges involved in realizing true MBB business success. Participants of the forum also visited the Best User Experience demo sites of local operators to experience for themselves how Huawei’s MBB solutions enhance network deployment, operations and network capacity. In an era of explosive growth for data traffic, Huawei MBB solutions are designed to meet changing customer demands and industry trends. They also aim to drive telecommunications networks toward ICT integration while moving network architecture toward software and universalized platforms for building ubiquitous, ultra-broadband mobile networks.

David Wang, Huawei President for Wireless Networks, said: “The expected 500-fold growth in mobile data traffic within the next ten years will bring both huge challenges and opportunities. Huawei is pleased to take hold of this forum to gather the key players of the MBB industrial chain to share successful experiences and exchange ideas, to provide a wealth of innovative thinking. Huawei will continue to launch innovative solutions and focus on customer needs and industry trends, building ultra-wide pipes and highly efficient, as well as profitable MBB networks, to ensure that operators achieve business success.”

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