Hi-Tech Solution Helps Water Company Monitor Remote Sites

As reservoirs and water treatment plants are often in remote or isolated areas, communications and monitoring can often be a headache.

Pennine Telecom prescribed just the right solution for the ‘headache’ when they were contacted by Biwater Treatment Limited who design, construct and maintain water and waste treatment plants.

Biwater wanted to link a pumping station to a remote borehole 2km away. Although not a great distance, it involved crossing a high-voltage power line, a main road and a private property.

Until recently, the only way of remote monitoring was by using either BT leased lines or low power UHF radios. BT leased lines were expensive and the low power UHF radios, although a cheaper solution, had problems with low bandwidth restrictions and reliability particularly in poor weather.

So Biwater called in Pennine after attending one of their seminars about ‘wireless telemetry’, to see if they could come up with a solution.

Pennine quickly resolved the problem with an innovative, cost effective wireless system. They installed a Motorola 400 connection, along with new CCTV and VoIP equipment. The new wireless point to point link quickly connected up the two sites with a10Mbps bandwidth capable of carrying video and voice calls, as well as vital information from the plant sensors.

Steve Niebel EICA Design Manager at Biwater said: “We are very impressed with Pennine Telecom. We wanted to use a company who had experience in this field and could work nationally, Pennine have delivered on both fronts, providing a full design and installation package for the radio, CCTV and VoIP. It has vastly improved communications between the sites and has proved to be very reliable with a 99.9% uptime.”

“Providing innovative solutions to our customer’s problems is what we are all about,” said Ian Taylor, Wireless Specialist at Pennine Telecom. “It’s a pleasure to see Biwater Treatment Limited reaping the benefits of our expertise. Not only do they have a resilient and secure improved solution with higher bandwidth but they are also saving themselves time and money.”

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