High Density Patching Solutions from ADC Krone

For situations where space is at a premium and 24 ports per 1U of cabinet space is simply not enough, ADC Krone now has a range of TrueNet patch panels with 33% higher packing density – 32 ports per 1U.

The TrueNet high-density portfolio includes Category 5e 32 port modular patch panel unshielded (UTP) and shielded (STP) in a 1U format. Category 5e modular patch panels utilise the highly successful TrueNet HK keystone modular jack. The HK jack allows for fast, reliable gas-tight punch down terminations before securing to the panel ensuring swift installation.

The Category 6 patch panel– again in 32 port UTP and STP 1U format utilises the innovative wire-managed KM8 modular keystone jack. The wire management system within the KM8 ensure zero untwist and buckle at the point of termination in order to tightly control performance.

ADC Krone say all TrueNet patch panels are 100% component compliant and third party certified, in addition to the product warranty, carry the TrueNet zero bit error data throughput warranty when installed by a TrueNet Authorised Integrator or TrueNet Premier Integrator.

TrueNet hardware product manager Andrew Roberts explains; “There are many applications where space is at a premium, for example in active equipment cabinets within Data Centres or within old buildings which were not built with the need for communications rooms in mind. The ability to squeeze 42 x 32 port patch panels into a single cabinet takes the packing density up from 1008 to 1344 ports per 42U cabinet”.

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