High Five for Spitfire

London based reseller Spitfire is now one of the top five providers of SDSL services in the UK according to wholesale suppliers BT and Easynet.

A key factor say Spitfire in their SDSL success is their cost-effective pricing structure. Spitfire’s SDSL offering has an entry level cost of only £75 a month for the highest contention 2Mbps broadband link rising to £299 a month for an uncontended 2Mbps link and all SDSL circuits allow uncapped usage. The uncontended ratio is highly suitable for business quality Voice over IP applications and other uses requiring guaranteed high bandwidth such as video links.

SDSL is distinguished from the more usual ADSL because it provides an equivalent bandwidth for both upload and download broadband access. With ADSL upload bandwidth is substantially less – normally a contended 256Kbps. SDSL has proved to be highly attractive to many types of business, including media and graphics organisations such as advertising agencies and commercial printers where large files have to be uploaded as well as downloaded across the Internet.

Commenting on the top five SDSL placing, Susie Ward, Marketing Director for Spitfire said, “As a top tier ISP Spitfire is delighted that its SDSL service is proving so popular with customers. Many organisations now require a higher upstream bandwidth if they are creating a Wide Area Network between sites or e-mailing large attachments or using FTP to transfer large data files. SDSL offers many of the advantages formerly only obtainable from a Private Circuit with an entry-level monthly cost at a fraction of the price.”

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