Highgate IT Solutions to trial 4-day working week

UK VAR Highgate IT Solutions has announced that it will trial a four day working week, starting 1st April 2022.

Taking place over a business quarter, the trial will adopt the 100:80:100 model — a commitment to 100 per cent pay, for 80 per cent of the time, in return for 100 per cent productivity. The company believes it is the first to do so within the UK ICT channel.

“The last two years have been challenging for lots of us in many ways,” said Highgate sales director Bob Sahota (pictured). “It has provided us with new perspectives on life and emphasised the importance of two key areas: employee wellbeing and the value of time. For me, Highgate is more than a business or brand.

“It is our ever-evolving vision of what a harmonious work/life balance should look like, one without stress, pressure or anxiety. One that enables people to become the best version of themselves, inside and outside of work. By moving to a four day week, we are giving everyone back the most valuable thing in life.”

Sahota explained that potential commercial benefits of the four day working week include increased revenue and productivity as well as lower staff turnover and attracting new talent — however, none of these are the company’s ‘motivator’, he stressed.

“When you build a business focussed purely on increasing turnover and profit by any means necessary, you can lose sight of what is really important, and for us the journey is more important than the destination,” said Sahota in a statement.

“Employee wellbeing and their mental health is the keystone of our business and I strongly believe that a  four day week that consists of 28 hours will improve all of our lives.”

Service to customers will not be impacted, he added, and days off will be staggered across the teams meaning Highgate remains operational five days a week. 

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