HIPCOM Expands Channel Overlay Services

Two new applications for channel partners have been unveiled by unified communications provider HIPCOM.

Firstly, the company has announced that call logging and management is to be included as a standard feature. Here HIPCOM has made unique inroads into developing a leading edge application as Sales Director Rob Murdoch explains.

“Most businesses understand the maxim that you cannot manage what you do not measure so the addition of HIPCOM call management as a built in application will be a welcome additional for the user trying to understand where their time and costs associated with telephony is spent. Significantly, our call management application will measure and report upon both metered calls and on-net traffic meaning users will be able to see a complete picture of their activity rather than just a proportion of it.”

The second new application is a cloud based customer activity wallboard.

“This is a highly flexible application that users will find intuitive to use and informative for their business,” says Murdoch. “Users can chose the measurable parameters they want displayed and emphasise their own business key performance indicators, such as calls waiting or lost in a graphical format on screen rather than the traditional numerical format. Of course they can have that as well if they want – you just drag and drop the tiles containing the information to the relevant part of the screen.”

Murdoch concludes, “We believe the HIPCOM wallboard, which along with the call management application was developed by our own skilled in house designers and development team, to be the ultimate in customisation and flexibility.”

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