HipCom Hop to VegaStream Gateway

Hosted IP Telephony service provider HipCom has selected VegaStream as its preferred supplier of TDM/VoIP gateways, in a move designed to enable channel partners to propose and then rapidly deploy a complete end-to-end VoIP solution. The VegaStream gateway enables HIPCOM channel partners to offer enterprise customers a VoIP solution that does not require them to ‘forklift’ existing TDM equipment, something which is so often a barrier to a full VoIP solution. Tony Brook, CEO of HipCom explains further:

“The growth of VoIP in the UK means that we need to provide an end-to-end service for our partners, enabling us to more effectively implement large single site and multi-site deployments. The market for enterprise VoIP services is on an upward curve and speed is of the essence for those who want to make the most of this opportunity. VegaStream’s award-winning dial planner and set up software makes light of implementation and of integration with existing TDM networks. It also offers a practical migration path to a full VoIP implementation. It is also very important to us and to our channel that VegaStream has global distribution and support capabilities.

We have developed a go-to-market proposition that is a complete solution based on tried and tested technology – and one that is proven to be fully interoperable. It’s relatively straightforward to implement and support on a global scale, making it the kind of solution that the channel has been crying out for – and one that HipCom are now delivering”.

Tim Burne, CEO of VegaStream concludes: “Earlier this year we received formal interoperability validation from BroadSoft, the platform which has been chosen by HipCom to support its suite of business Hosted IP Telephony services. It is very refreshing to work with a company like HIPCOM. They have a plan to move VoIP out of the ‘early adopter’ and into the mainstream enterprise market, with a product and service suite that the channel can readily work with. By including our gateway in the service, they are able to construct a range of specific solutions that the channel can align easily with existing opportunities – then sell, install and maintain. The HipCom team are entrepreneurs who are moving VoIP forward to plug and play!”

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