HipCom Partner with Griffin Internet

Hosted IP Telephony provider HipCom has formed a strategic partnership with Griffin Internet, a UK supplier of Managed Broadband. Channel Manager Tim Alexander stated: “Griffin is already the ISP of choice in the voice reseller market because they operate a low-latency, voice-ready network and can set a reseller up as a broadband ISP in under five days. By connecting HipCom’s network directly with Griffin our resellers can avoid the public internet altogether, giving them more control over quality of service and the ability to prioritise voice.

To support our rapidly-developing reseller channel, we are forming strategic relationships with major service providers in the UK and Europe and we are very enthusiastic about this most recent partnership with Griffin Internet, which will allow our partners even greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the right connectivity provider to support the HipCom hosted voice proposition.”

Griffin Internet CTO Adrian Sunderland commented: “Griffin is channel-only and to avoid conflict with its partners, deliberately does not offer its own IP Centrex service. However we are delighted to be able to work with HipCom to provide even better voice-grade broadband to our mutual customers.”

In a separate move Griffin earlier announced that they were increasing their broadband connectivity speed from 2 to 8mbps in April and that the new service would be available from all BT exchanges.

Andrew Dickinson, Sales & Marketing Director, Griffin Internet said: “Griffin is one of the few tier-one ISPs to operate a voice-ready network and consequently is the ISP of choice for many PBX and voice resellers, as well as new entrants in the VOIP market. Significantly for the voice market, whilst we are quadrupling the maximum downstream speed to 8MBit/s, the maximum upstream speed also increases from 256Kbit/s to 832kbit/s.”

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