Hosted Services Can Cut Costs for SMEs

Newcastle-under-Lyme based telecomms solution provider Qualitel says local businesses can save up to a third on costs by using its new data hosting service.

The new ‘itel’ service from Qualitel, aimed at SMEs and corporate businesses, combines data hosting and management of a company’s mobile requirements, including employee handsets, with Blackberry Enterprise Service benefits.

Managing Director Mike Ridgway says the new itel package is more cost effective for companies and can save up to a third on costs compared to using their own in-house IT department.
“Many businesses now want to move from Blackberry Internet Service, to Blackberry Enterprise Service, which in a nutshell gives a company’s Blackberry users the ability to not only access web and mobile email when they’re away from the office, but also company-specific databases, email and applications – allowing them to work just as efficiently as when they’re actually at their desk.

“Hosted services are vitally important to SMEs. Bigger firms have their own IT departments to design applications and platforms, but smaller companies don’t have these skills. That’s where we come in – we can manage all their systems and develop bespoke business applications. It helps people work more efficiently and can reduce costs considerably.”

itel is the type of package which has helped Qualitel increase its 2008 turnover by 10 per cent a year, despite the recession. Other innovations which have helped it maintain steady growth include its partner scheme, which sees Qualitel work with key chosen fixed line and IT providers, allowing it to give its customers an ‘all in’ solution. The company’s fixed line business has also trebled over the last two years.

Mike adds: “Regardless of a company’s budget restrictions, we can bespoke the product for them. All companies can afford services like Blackberry Enterprise Service, it’s just a matter of how it’s managed.”

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