Hosted Telephony Platform Grows Applications

Hosted VoIP users who have deployed their service on the BroadSoft platform will be pleased to hear that the vendor has added further applications to their soft switch.

BroadSoft has announced the availability of a new Media Resource Function Server (MRF) for IMS environments. The first in an expected series of next generation enhancements to the BroadWorks Media Server, the new MRF builds on core features by enhancing them with IMS capability, permitting interoperability with other application servers and allowing service providers to quickly deploy a range of audio and video functions over an IP network to enhance existing voice applications.

As a fully IMS-compliant media server, the MRF links the control and transport layers of the network, processing requests for media services from the application server. Able to work with any application server, the MRF enables multiple media capabilities in the enterprise including audio and video IVR functions (i.e. record and playback), audio conferencing with ad-hoc and group calling, fax reception and forwarding and streaming (audio and video broadcast).

With no deployment location pre-requisites, the standalone format of the enhanced MRF means that it can be installed anywhere in the network to make full use of traffic characteristics. More cost-effective to service providers than hardware-based solutions, the software-based standalone MRF server preserves scalability, performance and reliability while offering service providers increased freedom to configure network infrastructure across business units and according to individual company needs.

BroadSoft claim carrier-class redundancy and reliability that ensures media resources are always available even in the case of network failure, the MRF can be easily integrated with BroadSoft’s partner’s products in a plug-and-play style solution that brings business triple-play to life within an IMS framework.

“Now decoupled from the platform, the MRF offers the flexibility to derive maximum benefit from an IMS network by its ability to be deployed centrally. Where it excels however, is in processing capabilities that an isolated application server would never hope to achieve.” said Scott Hoffpauir, chief technology officer for BroadSoft.

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