House Hunters Put Off by Poor Mobile Signal

As UK property prices look set to rise 5.6% by the end of the year the competition to move up the property ladder has never been fiercer. Adding to that competition is the desire to live somewhere with a decent mobile signal. According to the second annual house purchasing decision survey by RootMetrics, an IHS company that provides independent mobile analytics, having a good mobile signal (34%) is now a more important factor than the quality of local schools (23%).

One of the main reasons people are concerned about the performance of their mobile at home is that 83% of people have experienced poor signal strength at their home and over half (54%) have had difficulties with their mobile internet. With landlines being used less frequently, almost half of people (47%) have experienced poor call quality at home.

As a consequence of having problems with their mobiles, two thirds (66%) of people have considered switching their mobile provider just so they can use their phone properly at home. Had they known about problems with their mobile performance before moving to their home, nearly a third (30%) said it would have discouraged them from buying or renting the property.

Realising mobile performance is becoming a key selling point, more homeowners are beginning to promote a good signal at their property just as they would broadband speeds and local utilities. Whilst half (51%) of sellers highlight the broadband speed at their home, 41% of people say they would now promote having a good mobile phone signal as part of their overall push to find a buyer.

Scott Stonham, General Manager, Europe, of RootMetrics, comments “We now rely on our mobiles as much as our TVs and computers at home, and we are seeing the importance of having good mobile experience shoot up the list of priorities. It seems many have moved to a property and found they are having recurring problems with their current operator. The property market has rarely been more heated and the shortage of homes is only heightening people’s desire to move up the ladder, but buyers and renters should be taking into consideration every factor before making a decision, including the quality of their mobile signal at home. A very simple way of doing this is by remembering to run a quick test on the mobile performance whilst viewing a property, just as you would check the broadband speeds.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine