How our Master Agents are helping your communications strategy for “the new normal”

By Alison Hastings, Regional Channel Leader, Avaya UK&I

A shift in business communications is happening: a new generation of employees have brought new preferences to work, holding meetings away from their desk and on multiple digital touchpoints. These employees expect their communications technology to enable them to not only work from home but work from anywhere.

This increasingly distributed workforce needs a communication and collaboration experience that is consistent no matter where employees are, what device they have, or what network they’re connected to. This makes the need for cloud communications non-negotiable.

Unified communications, no matter your location

Unifying calls, messaging, meetings and more can be complicated.

With fewer resources than enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses must make technology investments carefully. That’s why it’s important for them to choose an all-in-one communications solution that helps maximise productivity whilst minimising costs – and we’re proud to say that Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral does just that.

Avaya Cloud Office assigns each user a single phone number that is synchronised across all devices. In the same way that emails allow you to pick up right where you left off, it lets you pass calls from one device to another without any disruption, ensuring no call goes unreturned, no matter where your employees are or which device they have on them.

Avaya Master Agents

As employees’ working habits change, so do their IT buying and technology needs. With 89% of companies competing through customer experience, it’s important that we work with our partners to make our customers’ transition to the cloud as seamless as possible.

Traditional partner programmes often consist of multiple points of separation between the vendor and customer, which can cause customers to feel disconnected. By adopting a Master Agent programme, however, we streamline the process as much as possible for agents whilst maintaining a positive experience for the customer.

Under our programme, Agents – who sign with a Master Agent – can connect end-user prospects directly to Avaya, then we handle the rest of the transaction, including contracting, billing, and managing the actual service for the customer. This helps us address the rapidly rising demand for cloud services whilst simplifying the onboarding and deployment process. As Agents no longer need to meet specific solution requirements to become an authorised Avaya reseller, they can also improve their cloud portfolio and increase market share, even if they are not directly aligned to communications.

As a partner-oriented business, we understand that Agent responsibility has a stopping point. Through our Master Agent programme, Agents address market trends on the front end, where customers want simple transaction sale, whilst we fulfil their needs on the back end, where customers demand consistent and comprehensive service delivery.

We have already seen proven success with this partner model. Across North America, our network of Master Agents has already trained over 1,700 agents to sell Avaya Cloud Office; helping us win 1,200 new customers. And now, with the help of our new Master Agents in the UK, we’re looking forward to bringing Avaya Cloud Office to our UK customers. To become an Avaya Cloud Office Agent, click here:

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine