How to Overcome 5 Common Problems with Video Conferencing

Most businesses are still struggling to use video conferencing and are still waiting for the benefits of online meetings to be delivered. After a half century, the wait for user friendly video conferencing could finally be over, thanks to the latest cloud based services now available.

“By removing some of the biggest obstacles to successful conferencing, VideoMeet will help businesses take the fear out of conferencing and the loathing out of the monthly communications bill” says Ian Vickerage, CEO of Imago Group PLC, Europe’s largest video solutions company.

Three out five corporate businesses surveyed by Imago revealed that setting up video conferencing meeting remains stressful and there are still too many technicalities involved for the average executive. The time and cost of managing a call, which invariably involves a technical expert at both ends, has prevented businesses from enjoying the benefits.

The Imago survey identified 5 top reasons why 60% of directors and managers are so anxious during the build-up of a video conference call.

Imago has set out five key points to consider when setting up video conferencing and how to adopt the simplest options.

1. Can’t get connected?
Using a mobile phone is easy; if you have your contact’s number, you can dial them. It doesn’t matter what handset you use or what network you’re on. Video Conferencing doesn’t work that way. Your system, your network and your firewall all have an impact on how you connect. VideoMeet (using Skype, Lync, Google Chat and Browser Connect) overcomes all of these connection issues. You can easily connect wherever you are, just like a mobile phone.

3. Connecting Remotely?
With Managers and Directors constantly travelling, you cannot guarantee they can get an open internet connection in their hotel or even a laptop on which to run a conference. Even if you do manage to set up a video link, that user will then be glued to that location if they need to make a conference call.VideoMeet is much less demanding and doesn’t need the traditional requirements. So a VC call could be set up on an iPad or any tablet, at the click of a button.

4. Can I afford this?
Compared to national and international business trips and overnight expenses, Video Conferencing is generally considered a cost and time efficient way to conduct important meetings. However, costs can vary greatly with the purchase of expensive hardware and number of meetings and participants making the service less economical than expected. An attractive feature with cloud based video conferencing includes the option to pay for only what you use plus the fact that there is no need to purchase any hardware. You could require up to 25 participants for one meeting and only 2 in the next. This new ‘pay as you grow’ billing system is an economical way to communicate and lets your business grow with less financial constraints.

5. What if we don’t use it?
Investing in video will reduce your costs and allow you to meet face-to-face more frequently. What can possibly go wrong? Badly implemented video solutions, that’s what! If your video solution is hard to use, restricted or limited only to internal use, it is unlikely to be popular with your workforce. What you need is an easy to use, open solution that allows you to meet face-to-face with anyone in the world instantly. This is a tool you and your workforce will use. Many users are finding that VideoMeet has allowed them to get the best out of their investment.

5. Try before you buy. With quality assured from Deutsche Telekom, VideoMeet has taken business Video Conferencing to another level offering a service that is flexible, innovative and high quality. A free download link offers business a no obligation trial for one month to see how VideoMeet can be integrate smoothly to businesses with or without an existing video conferencing infrastructure.

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