HP extends Apple relationship with Tech Pulse

Hewlett Packard has extended its agreement with Apple to allow Tech Pulse to manage devices in the UK.

Tech Pulse is the vendor-agnostic DaaS product from HP which can allow businesses to monitor the fleet of devices employees have such as Mobile, Laptops or Desktops and other connected devices and the Apple integration is set to be available by mid-March.

HP general manager and global head of personal system services said: “With the expansion of DaaS for Apple in Europe customers now have the ability to purchase the full Apple compliment of products from HP which gets used in the B2b environment including Mac, including phone, including watch, including Apple TV.

“The exciting part of that is that we have integrated two key parts of their experience. We’ve integrated the device enrolment programme and the device purchasing programme into Tech Pulse. Which means that you can on board your Apple device into the Apple ecosystem and the Tech Pulse ecosystem at the same time which means customer only need to have one management tool that manages your entire Android, Windows and iOS devices.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine