HSC has record quarter with massive rise in business connections on O2

HSC has had a record quarter on business connections with O2, increasing subscribers to the operator by over one third.

Connection levels for O2 between January and March increased by 35% at HSC, topping connections levels of previous quarters.

Behind the increase is HSC’s close work with O2, following the launch of O2’s new Joined Up Communications service (JUC), launched in September last year. The new service provides businesses with one single converged solution for their telecoms requirements, spanning mobile, landline, data, broadband communications and professional consultancy.

O2 JUC gives businesses of all sizes an opportunity to outsource their telecoms, ICT and consultancy needs to just one provider, reducing the amount of time spent handling and managing systems and communications services that are not core to their business.

HSC is committed to working with its channel partners to increase good quality connections, in line with O2’s JUC and converged vision, said Carlos Pestana, sales manager at HSC.

He noted: “With a fantastic combination of bonuses on offer there has never been a better time to connect O2 through HSC. To HSC, quantity does not come before quality. We are striving to provide all our network partners with the highest quality connections, while ensuring that we are maximising all our stockists’ potential earnings by actively promoting the full JUC package.”

Pestana said HSC is focused on providing the highest quality incentives in the mobile channel: “HSC is giving its O2 dealers the potential to earn up to an additional £250 selling the full JUC proposition. Currently HSC is paying a £50 bonus for all new connections in addition to £50 on BlackBerry, £50 JUC bonus, up to £50 on mobile broadband, and the newly launched promotional bonus of £50 on all converged connections porting into O2,” continued Pestana.

HSC recently worked with a fixed line dealer and O2 to successfully win The Belfast Telegraph newspaper’s business from Vodafone.

Pestana remarked: “HSC is working hard to bring mobile to the fixed line reseller community, and this shows the progress in this area that we are making.”

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