HSC hosts VIP Jonathan Palmer Race Day Event

HSC recently rewarded its VIP partners with a high speed spin around the track on a Jonathan Palmer Race Day Event.

On 20 April HSC invited 10 guests including VIP dealers, networks and employees, to the fastest corporate motorsport event in the world. HSC’s customers were able to drive a selection of the world’s greatest high performance cars, including BMW M3 GTP, Formula Jaguar and Porsche 911 JP3, around the PalmerSport track at the Bedford Autodrome, tutored by top class racing instructors.

Carlos Pestana, sales manager at HSC, commented: “We’ve found the Race Days to be well received and always get fantastic feedback. It’s fun watching a group of grown adults jumping around like kids comparing lap times. It naturally brings the competitiveness out in everybody too! It would be nice to continue the events and maybe get a VIP Dealer League Table so we can establish which dealer is the best driver in the country

VIP guests at the race event were those who have worked tightly with HSC to achieve over 150 pay monthly connections or SIM-free handsets per quarter, which automatically ensures any HSC account enjoys VIP status.

Pestana added: “These race days mean HSC gets to spend some quality time with its customers, while rewarding them for their contribution and hard work over the last quarter. It also gives dealers access to the networks in a relaxed environment to discuss any thoughts they have regarding their business.”

Lisa Dawson, Orange key account manager for HSC, remarked: “The Jonathan Palmer race day was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to get together with some of HSC’s key partners and account team. As one of the few women attending on the day, I think the men were a little surprised at how well we can drive!”

Every quarter HSC invites different VIP customers and suppliers to a hosted hospitality event.

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