HSC is O2 Business Distributor of the quarter

HSC is delighted to announce it is O2’s Business Distributor for the second quarter of 2010.

David Plumb, Head of SME Sales at O2, commented: “I am delighted to announce that our Business Distributor Centre of Excellence, Champions League winners for the second quarter is HSC. Each quarter there has been a constant improvement by the HSC team on mobile performance which has been underpinned by a great service. I know HSC are also working closely with RIM on BlackBerry sales, and they are set to achieve a record in Q3. But it is not just mobile that is seeing traction, as the HSC team are showing real leadership on joined up communications and landline connections as well. It was a really well rounded performance from a distributor that has grown its business with O2 by 57% when comparing H1 2009 with H1 2010.”

Bob Sweetlove, Business Manager at HSC, stated: “This is great news for HSC. This demonstrates HSC is capable of performing to the highest standards. We also had a great first half of 2010 on O2 BlackBerry. Sales of O2 BlackBerry’s were up in the first half of 2010 by 140% on the same period last year, through a combination of focus and support for the channel by HSC, with the added benefit of HSC’s Mauritius incentive. This has been a contributory factor to HSC’s strong O2 mobile volume in the second quarter of this year.”

“We are doing everything we can to provide a one stop shop of competitively priced mobile airtime and hardware on one simple to use dealer account. We want to be the place for networks and manufacturers to attract and grow small to medium sized independent dealers. We have a very broad base of dealers throughout the UK. We are not about living off a small number of high volume customers.”

Sweetlove added that HSC’s overall performance in the first half of 2010 has meant that the business is in a strong position to grow even further in the second half of the year, with some exciting new initiatives planned.

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