HSC launches new Dealer Price Guide

This month HSC has launched its new and improved Dealer Price Guide. The new Dealer Price Guide has been updated and enhanced, with improved usability and information added throughout to enable dealers to sell more, and including pertinent details for end users to allow dealers to use the guide as a sales tool.

Melanie Fairfax-Jones, marketing manager at HSC, stated that the redesign will help HSC dealers to make more money. She explained: “Our new Dealer Price Guide is all about making it easier for our dealers to use to help them to sell more.

“We also hope that by making this guide more useable and reader-friendly, our dealers will find they can use it to increase their knowledge of the industry, pin-point up and coming products and trends, and also make them aware of what else they could be buying from HSC and offering to their customers,” she continued.

HSC’s Dealer Price Guide now includes: a ‘highlights of the month’ page to summarise all the key airtime, hardware and software changes and highlights for the month; an HSC section packed full of useful information about its products and services, including delivery options and returns procedure; HSC’s free technical support service and what the HSC website can be used for; important information from HSC’s accounts department on how HSC dealers’ accounts work, including payment terms and clawbacks; an updated hardware section to show handset costs across the networks to give dealers an easy comparison tool; and showcases in both hardware and software, looking at new trends and new products in the market.

Within the networks section, HSC has also made improvements, including: a changed table layout, with commissions data now separated from the end user tariff information so that dealers can show customers the tariff details without disclosing their commissions and revenue share information; and separated business and consumer information, so that dealers can select the relevant page for each customer.

Fairfax-Jones added: “This improved tool will encourage prospective new partners to trade with HSC. We are promoting all our products and services throughout the guide and hope to increase awareness amongst our dealer base of all these services and products as a consequence of this. We want to be the best distributor in the industry, providing the best tools to our customers to make it easier for them to do business, and we want them to get the most out of working with HSC.”

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