HSC offers dealers luxury holidays

Mobile distributor, HSC, home of the revenue share guarantee, has launched a new incentive titled ‘Free World’, for new and existing dealers. Hard working partners will be sent on exclusive, lavish holidays wherever they choose to go in the world, while giving them the freedom to choose where they place their mobile business.

Any dealer that opens an account with HSC before 31 July and makes a minimum of 150 new pay monthly airtime connections between 1 August and 31 October is guaranteed a £5000 luxury holiday for two to the dealer’s choice of destination, anywhere in the world. Existing customers are able to participate in the same incentive. Anyone with an active trading account will also be rewarded in the same way.

HSC stands by its revenue share guarantee, that all revenue share payments earned at HSC are the dealers’, whether dealers choose to stay with HSC or not. HSC business manager, Bob Sweetlove, stated that mobile dealers must stand up and challenge distributors on the issue of revenue share. Many distributors threaten to withhold dealers’ revenue if those dealers start to buy elsewhere, yet Sweetlove said mobile distributors need to be measured on their standards of service, not handcuffing dealers to their businesses.

Sweetlove remarked: “We do not need restrictive terms to make our dealers stay with us; they stay and are loyal to us because we are open, honest, up front and have their interests at the heart of our company and how it operates. We offer the highest quality support and service to our dealers, and they stay with us because we are the best mobile distributor in the market. We also want to reward that custom by sending them wherever they want to go in the world for a well earned luxury break”

Under the terms of its ground breaking revenue share guarantee, originally introduced in early 2009, HSC will not stop paying revenue share to dealers for connections they have done through HSC, even if they choose to connect elsewhere, or split their business among multiple distributors. HSC believes this is the only fair and reasonable way to treat its channel partners.

Sweetlove continued: “I think we are the only airtime distributor who commits to paying what we owe our dealers forever, whether they stay with us or leave. We always want to be able to look our dealers in the eye, and if they choose to leave us, we want to be able to welcome them back in the future. This should be a free market. We think it is time our competitors admitted they are wrong here, and make the necessary changes to their policies to make it fair, and honour the revenue share dealers have fairly earned, while giving them the freedom to stay or go.”

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