HSC Support Centre gets even better

HSC has announced added functionality to the HSC Support Centre for the channel, providing its dealers with a valuable reference and contact tool to make doing business with HSC as easy as possible.

The HSC Support Centre is an online resource for HSC dealers available at http://support.yourhsc.com, and now includes the added functionality of Commission Queries, Complaints escalation, and Business Support Team transactions.

Bob Sweetlove, business manager at HSC, remarked on the added functionality of HSC Support Centre: “We have now added Commission Queries, allowing full tracking of critical requests, and a Complaints function, so that dealers can formally report to HSC any complaints about our service, with a full escalation path to make sure the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the dealer, as soon as possible.”

“These new additions to the capabilities of HSC Support Centre means we are still demonstrating our strategy of continually improving and developing our service to dealers, to clearly differentiate HSC as the best mobile distributor,” noted Sweetlove.

“Our aim is to keep adding more and more functionality to the Support Centre to provide a viable online option for all HSC transactions, to provide even better service for HSC customers and to attract new dealers from the competition,” continued Sweetlove. “We are also working on how we can measure the speed of transactions and introduce SLAs to our support functions. We are now far more able to track request volumes and adjust our available resources to optimise service levels to our customers.

HSC originally introduced the Support Centre in late 2008 as a basic ticketing system for its technical support engineers to track support requests for dealers. By the end of 2009 it had also become a knowledge centre full of useful mobile technology to aid dealers in answering customer questions.

HSC Support Centre was then further enhanced by a live support facility for dealers to chat to the HSC technical engineers online, plus remote support allowing HSC’s engineers to remotely access customer devices, perform diagnostics and resolve software issues. All of this is provided free of charge to active HSC dealers of all shapes and sizes.

In March 2010 HSC enhanced the Support Centre even further to add all of its Business Support Team transactions. Sweetlove commented: “This now means that dealers can track the progress of all their credit vets and connections, just like they can their technical tickets, removing the need for unnecessary chasing phone calls. At the same time we made more network information available in the download section.”

HSC Support Centre also hosts a live feed from both HSC Twitter accounts (@yourhsc and @hsctechsupport) plus a stream of the all the latest smartphone news from around the globe and the latest industry videos.

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