HSL 2.75G picocell announced

HSL, the mobile network operator and provider of mobile infrastructure, has announced the introduction of the HSL 2.75G Picocell.

The picocell delivers excellent in-building and outdoor voice quality, messaging and high speed EDGE data rates. Inexpensive IP over LAN, wireless, satellite or DSL backhaul is used by mobile operators to easily connect the picocell with the core network.

The HSL 2.75G Picocell is targeted to include all markets currently dominated by the nanoBTS from ip.access. Furthermore, new markets will become accessible and existing markets more addressable through now being economic to service with the HSL 2.75G Picocell.

The picocell can be applied in small and large scale to aviation, maritime, retail, residences, offices, underground facilities and rural locations.

Worldwide shipments will commence to customers in December 2009.

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