hSo achieves HSCN Stage 2 Compliance for healthcare organisations

Highspeed Office (hSo) has become one of only a handful of service providers to offer connectivity and solutions to support health and social care organisations in their quest towards a transformed and integrated digital landscape. Following its successful application, hSo has secured Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) stage 2 compliance as a Consumer Network Services Provider (CNSP).

HSCN is a modern, multi-supplier data network for health and social care organisations from NHS Digital. It replaces the private N3 network supplied by BT. HSCN encourages more collaboration and integration between health and social care providers, by enabling a safe, robust, flexible and efficient platform for these organisations to share sensitive data. Organisations are able to choose which HSCN provider they would like to work with to supply the connectivity.

Avner Peleg, Customer Development Director at hSo said: “Having a robust and secure data connection is more than important, it’s critical, especially when dealing with sensitive information such as patient data.

At hSo, we understand the needs for health and social care organistions to have a fit-for purpose, secure, fast and affordable network connectivity. We’ve worked with numerous high-profile public sector organisations, and we are excited to bring our knowledge of networks and cyber security to HSCN. As an agile and nimble SME, hSo is delighted to be selected as one of only a handful of SMEs trusted to deliver this service.“

The HSCN is a further step in pushing health and social care organisations to embrace digital transformation. It improves collaboration between organisations, as the new network allows them to share network infrastructure and services.”

hSo will be exhibiting at Channel Live (11th and 12th) this September. Channel Live is the only B2B trade show of its type in the UK and is the premier networking event of the year. To register for the show click here.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine