HTC Desire beats Google Nexus One hands down

HTC’s Desire mobile phone has kicked Google’s Nexus One device where it hurts, said Dan Quinn from, the wholesale to retail mobile phone trading platform

Over the past three months of trading, demand for the HTC Desire has forced the unit price up 8.24% to €404.82, an incredible result compared to the Nexus One, which barely managed to hold on its price over the same period, with a small increase of 0.4%, Quinn claimed.

HTC has been one of the biggest success stories in the mobile phone industry over the past couple of years, stated Quinn. After securing the lucrative contract to produce the Nexus One, Google’s first smartphone, HTC was propelled into the top tier of mobile phone manufacturer’s rankings and through the continued success of its own phones, HTC’s business has grown into one of the super powers of the smartphone industry.

But is there conflict between HTC’s own phones and those being produced for Google, questioned Quinn. “Up until recently, the Nexus One was only available through exclusive channels in selected countries, and its poor sales performance has been attributed to this distribution strategy. On 19 May, Quinn reported that a decision had been made to change the distribution system and introduce a major distributor into the equation.

“In theory, this should have changed the fortunes of the Nexus One, but new figures produced recently reveal that trading on the open market is still poor for the Nexus One, while demand for Google’s closest rival in terms of operating system and design, the HTC Desire, has exploded with supply running at only 56% of the current demand,” he said.

What is interesting is the demand comparison between both models, continued Quinn. “The results in June have revealed that the Desire’s demand is outstripping requests for the Nexus One by more 300%. Reports from the trading floor suggest that the international trading community has accepted that the Nexus One is too difficult to source, and appears to have focused attention on similar models that are more readily available, resulting in the success of the HTC Desire in this area.

“Overall, the HTC range continues to be extremely popular on the open market and it isn’t only the Nexus One that is suffering from this success. Recent reports from HTC have highlighted the overall growth of their market share which has to have impacted Blackberry and Nokia’s results,” Quinn concluded.

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