Huawei Releases Faster Full-Lifecycle AI Development Platform

Huawei released its faster AI development platform ModelArts, vision AI application development platform HiLens, and quantum computing software cloud service platform HiQ. The move is designed to accelerate AI industry development with developers.

The firm says that ModelArts is a faster and more inclusive one-stop AI development platform, involving data labeling and preparation, and model training, optimization, and deployment. It delivers end-to-end AI application development.

“ModelArts is a faster and more inclusive AI development platform than any other AI development platform out there,” said Zheng Yelai, Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei’s Cloud BU, “We believe AI developers will appreciate how quickly it starts, completes training, and deploys models.”

Data labeling and preparation is time-consuming in AI development, accounting for almost 50% of the time required. ModelArts has a built-in data governance framework for data labeling and preparation during AI development. The framework implements iterative training to reduce the volume of data that needs to be manually labeled, which improves the efficiency of data labeling and preparation by 100-fold.

In addition, ModelArts integrates multiple optimization technologies, especially cascade hybrid parallel to halve the duration of training required for a given model, dataset, and set of hardware resources.

Huawei says AI model deployment is complex. For example, updated models for smart transportation need to be deployed on various types of cameras at a time, which takes a long time to complete. With ModelArts, training models can be pushed to devices, the edge, and the cloud with one click. Online and batch inference jobs are provided on the cloud to meet different application requirements, such as concurrent or distributed deployment.

Various AI technologies are also incorporated into ModelArts, including automated learning, model design, and parameter tuning to accelerate AI development.

In terms of managing the AI development lifecycle, ModelArts covers raw data collection, data labeling, training job creation, algorithm selection, model creation, and inference service creation. Visualized management of the entire lifecycle and automatic generation of model traceback diagrams allow users to manage and trace millions of datasets, models, and services. Resumable training and training result comparison are also supported.

ModelArts allows AI developers to share AI data, models, and APIs. Internally, ModelArts supports enterprises in sharing data and models, aiming to improve AI development efficiency, build AI development capabilities, and protect AI assets. Externally, Huawei is hoping to create an open ecosystem through ModelArts that will help AI developers monetize technologies and build influence and their own ecosystems.

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