Huawei Successfully Verifies E-Band Microwave Equipment on LTE Test Network

Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) provider, today announced that it successfully deployed and verified the capabilities of its E-Band microwave equipment during a comprehensive LTE (Long Term Evolution) test network in Chengdu, China. The results of the test demonstrate the high service-bearing capability and market-readiness of Huawei’s E-Band microwave equipment.

E-Band is the latest extremely high-frequency type of microwave band (80GHz) that supports multiple Gbit/s transmission bandwidths, meaning it is able to meet the considerable service backhaul requirements on LTE networks. Huawei’s E-band microwave equipment enhances e-band microwave utilization as it offers a large capacity, is easy to install, and requires virtually no space in equipment rooms. A series of performance and pressure tests on a network with high LTE data usage has proven the high performance and advanced features of Huawei’s E-band microwave equipment. Three months of successful operations during the extreme Chengdu summer heat and rain demonstrated the reliability and stability of the E-Band microwave prototype equipment. Tier 1 operators, including Telenor, Vodafone, and Italian Telecom, praised the advanced technology and high reliability of Huawei’s E-Band microwave equipment.

Wireless operators worldwide are paying close attention to the developments and benefits of E-Band microwave technologies. In early 2011, Huawei’s Milan R&D Center took the lead in implementing a high modulation scheme (64QAM) on E-band microwave and transmission capacity reached 2.5 Gbit/s. The full-outdoor E-Band microwave prototype equipment developed by Huawei has been bearing large-bandwidth services, such as multiple HD videos on demand and high-speed Internet access services between eNodeBs and mobile terminals on the outfield LTE network deployed at Huawei’s Chengdu R&D Center since July, 2011.

Chen Shijun, Huawei’s General Manager of Microwave Technology, said: “The implementation of this comprehensive test network is a big step in commercializing Huawei’s E-Band microwave offerings. We will actively promote the commercialization of E-Band microwave technology to help operators bear large-bandwidth LTE services.”

As a leader in the transmission network field, Huawei focuses on supplying operators with high-quality microwave, WDM/OTN, and MSTP/Hybrid MSTP products, and end-to-end transport network solutions. According to leading consulting firm Skylight, Huawei’s microwave equipment ranked No. 2 worldwide as of Q1 of 2011, while the company’s packet microwave equipment ranked No. 1 as of the same period.

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