Huawei to launch WAC-enabled app store

Huawei, a provider of next generation telco network solutions for operators around the world, has announced the launch of the first global commercial WAC enabled app store and mobile phone with the Philippines’ leading carrier, Smart Communications.

The solution is fully compliant with the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC)’s 1.0 specifications. WAC is an alliance of telecommunications companies committed to building an open applications platform, to provide carriers with a unified service platform that aggregates mobile internet applications, enables more revenue generation and delivers a better cloud-based service experience to end users.

“Huawei is fully supportive of WAC and its vision and is committed to continue to develop and deliver the right applications development platform in alignment with WAC specifications for our member carriers and applications developers,” said Dr. Haiping Che, CTO and vice president of Huawei Software. “We were honoured that Smart has chosen us to be their strategic partner for the rollout of its applications store this year, which represents the first commercial use of the platform.”

WAC is an application delivery centre with applications submitted by global developers. The platform provides opportunities for global developers to create, synchronise and sell applications using standard and open application programmable interfaces (APIs). It also helps carriers maintain sustainable competitive advantages through transforming themselves from a walled-garden approach to applications development to one that fosters innovation and ease of execution based on a global mobile ecosystem paradigm.

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