Huawei UK Established New Internal Audit Centre of Excellence

Huawei has announced that it has appointed Phil Tarling, as vice president of Group Internal Audit, at its new Internal Audit Centre of Excellence in Basingstoke, UK.

The centre was set up by Huawei to further support its UK operations from both an internal control and governance perspective and to provide the impetus for the development of a leading edge global internal audit service in Huawei. It will also aim to encourage collaboration between the company and the relevant internal audit professional institutions in both the UK and China.

Tarling, the immediate past president of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) and current senior vice chairman of the Global Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA), will head up the new centre. He brings with him an impressive track record of expertise, having promoted the value of high quality internal audit services at a regional, national and global level throughout his career.

Tarling’s primary objective will be to enhance Huawei’s internal audit capacity to more efficiently support the fast expansion of its global business operations. Tarling will be responsible long term, for working with the General Auditor to ensure that Huawei’s internal audit is among the highest-performing internal audit services worldwide. He will ensure that a comprehensive, fully-rounded service is applied across all of Huawei’s global business operations, and he will play an integral part in transitioning Huawei from a multinational company into a truly globalised ICT provider.

With the new centre in Basingstoke, Huawei will leverage the established corporate governance models and expertise in the UK, to evaluate the current internal audit methodologies and introduce new ones as required.

“I am excited to be joining Huawei at a time when the company is making such significant inroads in the UK and globally, and am honoured to be heading up the centre, which will be at the forefront of best practice in auditing,” said Phil Tarling, the new vice president of Group Internal Audit.

Through the Centre of Excellence, and Tarling’s appointment, Huawei will be able to demonstrate to its customers, suppliers and governments that all of its business operations are carried out to the highest standard, and that it has a long term strategic vision of promoting best practice across the entire ICT industry.

“We are confident that Phil Tarling will enable us to further grow our UK business and that we can effectively utlitise his expertise in auditing methodologies to firmly place our audit centre on the map, as a centre of excellence which is effecting real change in working practices and training,” said Victor Zhang, CEO of Huawei.

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