Hugh Symons Telecom Launches its IP PBX Offering

South Coast based distributor Hugh Symons Telecom has officially launched SIPtrix, its scaleable IP PBX solution.

The SIPtrix IP PBX is based on the globally enriched Asterisk open source platform, with further enhancements made by Hugh Symons Telecoms own in-house IP technical consultants.

Hugh Roper, Managing Director of Hugh Symons Telecom enthused “The timing has never been better to launch SIPtrix into the channel. Our vast cellular, PBX and fixed line experience enables us to provide a fully supported modular solution that resellers can take all, or elements of, in order to enhance their portfolio and drive fixed and ongoing revenue opportunities.”

Hugh Symons Telecom has already installed the SIPtrix solution into six live customer sites (ranging from 10 to 60 users) with immediate benefits. Recognising the obvious need to support the channel, a series of seminars are currently underway at locations throughout the UK educating resellers of the opportunity, live demonstrations and highlighting the margin opportunities.

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