I don’t Mind Monday’s

It seems that the universal dread of the Monday morning return to work is overrated, according to a poll of 5,000 jobseekers by the UK’s largest job site, reed.co.uk. Far from hating Monday mornings, 28% of respondents actually look forward to them, 29% are completely ambivalent about them, stating that Monday is just another day and just 13% of us truly hate them.

For many, Monday is a very positive day to focus on new opportunities, such as getting a new job and statistics analysed in January clearly showed that Monday lunchtime is the busiest time for logging on to reed.co.uk to hunt for new jobs. Those who don’t like Mondays blamed their jobs, their dislike of their bosses or that fact that they were unemployed.

When asked what would improve Monday mornings, a third of workers (34%) stated that wanted a new job, 20% wanted more money and 13% wanted an extra hour in bed to sleep off the weekend excess. However, we are not work shy – only 7% of respondents said that Mondays could only be improved by not having to go to work.

For some however, the back to work feeling encroaches on the weekend, making Sunday afternoons miserable and causing sleepless nights. Just 17% of respondents said that work didn’t cross their minds over the weekend.
32% said they did think about work, but it didn’t ruin their weekends and 32% said that thoughts of work affected their Sunday afternoons and evenings. Worse still, 8% said work worry meant they had trouble sleeping and 5% even said they think about work all day and all night.

Martin Warnes, operations director at reed.co.uk stated, “It is very interesting that a third of respondents were completely ambivalent to Mondays and this could be linked to the fact that in today’s competitive economic climate many people are working such long hours including the weekends – responding to emails and not switching off their blackberries – for them Monday really is just another day.”

“For those who are unhappy however, the dread of Monday mornings is very real, and in some cases is affecting sleep patterns and health. However, like many have found, with a shift in attitude, it could be a really positive day to take action and find a new job that provides more job fulfillment, putting an end to the abject misery that for some people sums up Monday morning,” he added.

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