IBM Shifts to Services

IBM is to shift its focus and introduce what they claim to be the world’s first “service products,” essentially services that can be purchased, implemented and run in the same way as a client would access computer hardware or software.

Their goal – take people-based processes and turn them into standardised, asset-based technology and consulting products. Then, replicate them around the globe, so that the same product can be purchased in Paris, Shanghai, Bombay or Chicago.

According to IBM the move is unprecedented in the one-off, customised world of IT services, where almost every service is designed for a specific client, then disposed of. Now, thanks to a massive multi-million dollar internal project, involving IBM Researchers and hundreds of Software designers and Computer hardware experts, IBM Global Services is introducing the industry’s first service products. The bet is one of the biggest and most important in the history of IBM.

The first two service products will be rolled out today as part of a new IBM business unit initiative aimed at the booming market for networking services that can facilitate anytime, anywhere business communication. The first new service products are available from IBM’s Integrated Communications Service unit.

They are:
Network Convergence Services Product – Clients can purchase this service product to analyze readiness for communication networks that support data, voice and video. Moving forward, almost any application such as: unified messaging, IP contact call center, and voice, video and web conferencing will be able to take advantage of a converged network. Working with IBM, clients can design, deploy and manage converged communication ready networks anywhere, anytime.
IP Telephony Services Product – Clients can purchase this service product to design, deploy and manage IP telephony infrastructure that reduces the costs associated with managing and maintaining separate voice and data equipment and networks. Working with IBM, businesses can deploy IP telephony services to manage their network and increase the productivity of their employees.

Over the next eight weeks, IBM will roll out more than thirty new “service products,” forever altering the IT Services market. Clients will be able to now access, deploy and pay for many IT services in the same manner as they obtain computer software or hardware. IBM is betting they will in record numbers.

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