Icon Identify 2009 Hot Products

Ray Pitchforth, Marketing Manager at distributor Icon says Channel Partners enjoy working with Icon because of the support they provide for their sales and technical teams. ICON’s aim is to provide Channel Partners with a higher level of technical and marketing support than any other distributor.

“Icon has new products for 2009 in all of its offerings but the ones its Channel Partners are showing most interest in are Vertical Communications Wave IP and the FMC solution “uMobility.

Wave IP is a highly scalable and affordable business phone system which combines the features of a VoIP next generation telephone solution with a host of customer service and productivity applications. It has USP’s in the SMB market and also in the enterprise/multi-site market. A Channel Partner taking this product on can present a strong offering for all sizes of business.

uMobility is an FMC solution which makes the mobile phone a true extension of the company telephone system. The solution works by seamlessly handing calls between the GSM and WiFi networks. With a uMobility enabled mobile phone an employee can make and receive calls as if they were using an office extension and can be reached by a single phone number no matter where they are. Interest by the channel in this solution is strong. Icon believes that this is because the uMobility solution not only works but, because it is vender and carrier agnostic and can be retrofitted to an IP PBX, it can be sold and supported by the channel.”

A recent poll carried out by Icon of its Channel Partners suggests that in the increasingly difficult business environment the choice of solution they offer their customers is based upon considerations of ‘ease of use’ and ‘features’. Icon believes that products, such as Wave IP and uMobility, which are simple to use and with features which lead to clear productivity benefits coupled with a strong ROI, place their channel partners in a strong position for 2009.

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