Icon Launch New SoHo Convergence Systems

Distributor Icon says a new level of consumer value has been set by their UL launch of Vertical Communications Xcelerator IP. Xcelerator IP combines a telephone system, IT network and wireless access point in a single box.

What makes Xcelerator attractive is not the price, which at £500 (excluding handsets) sets the standard for price/value comparisons, but the fact that it can be installed and set up by just about anyone .

If you are setting up a small office or business you can now buy a single box which provides the IT and telephone infrastructure that an office needs and, provided the required connections are in place, you can set up and have fully functioning in a working day or sooner.

The Xcelerator telephone system, which connects twenty four IP handsets or Wi-Fi phones, provides all of the features you would expect to find only in a corporate business telephone system. Voicemail, auto attendant, music on hold, and conferencing are included as standard. Likewise, Xcelerator IP delivers everything one would expect from an IT network solution. A wireless access point is provided for wireless PC’s and approved Wi-Fi phones and a host of security features protect the wireless link and the telephone and data network from attack.

Xcelerator IP will connect to the public phone system through SIP trunks and icon is working on identifying approved SIP trunk providers in the UK. However, if you don’t want to use a full IP telephony solution then up to 3 analogue telephone lines can be connected. This makes Xcelerator IP particularly attractive to the young growing business wanting to expand beyond its current 2 or 3 analogue line handset office. For around £700.00, a business can acquire a telephone system and handsets which provides voice mail, auto attendant, and music on hold and an IT network with a wireless access point. It is even possible to set up an office phone extension in a remote location such as the home.

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