ICS Launches Management Tool

A new business tool that streamlines the tasks of managers has been launched by a cloud and managed services provider, Integrated Cloud Solutions.

Providing everyone from managing directors of small businesses to senior managers in large organisations with insight into team projects, Glasgow-based Integrated Cloud Solutions has introduced the new icsbusinessbox Control Screens tool.

The tool streams all the information needed to manage a team more efficiently, including daily tasks, late milestones and live progress updates throughout the working day.

Tailored to the needs of managers across companies of all sizes, icsbusinessbox Control Screens offers the ability to view the progress of individual members of a team, meaning that support can be offered to those who fall behind schedule.

The software operates like a personal online to-do list, which can be fully customised to display all the information a manager requires in one view.

It also streams tasks such as timesheets, annual leave requests and expenses in the order in which they are due, this view automatically switches to the next upcoming tasks at a set time, prompting you to move on to the next piece of work. For example, a manager may be prompted to first look at expenses and an update from his/her departmental leaders in a management meeting thereafter, all between the first 2 hours of the working day. The control screen would then switch to show the next line of tasks to undertake in the next timeframe and so on and so forth.

The tool is designed to help managers prevent projects from running behind schedule or having to trawl through emails looking for documents and information by displaying everything they need to know on one single screen.
CEO and Founder of Integrated Cloud Solutions, Steven Boyle, said: “Control Screens are just some of many innovations that we are introducing as part of our expanding software range.

“We constantly strive to develop the best innovations for business and industry – the Control Screens tool will save managers both time and money by providing a comprehensive and customisable overview for managers working in any sized organisation.

“By providing a single view that maps out your working day, you are able to better prioritise your workload and keep track of the progress your team are making. We believe this is the office tool that managers have been crying out for.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine