ICUK Launches Support Lounge

ICUK has launched The Support Lounge – a new addition to its portfolio designed to aid resellers with useful information for sales, marketing and support aspects of their business.

Resellers can now access expert sales and marketing literature designed to expose new business avenues and proven approaches to market. Everything has been covered from making contact, objection handling, through to order collection, ready made order forms and order processing. Additional marketing topics covered include blogging, social media, and white papers.

Neil Barnett, Business Development Manager for ICUK, says “This has been a really enjoyable task to complete, working with our our resellers and giving them something they can use and refer to daily. These tools compliment the free one-to-one training we already provide, giving resellers something to reaffirm the concepts we cover.”

The support element embraces all ICUK platforms including broadband, telecoms and web hosting. It tackles common faults and provides resellers with suggestions, helpful advice, and, most importantly, checklists to help get the most from initial trouble reporting conversations. It helps prevent the classic “I forgot to ask” scenarios and ensures faults raised to Openreach contain the details required to get the end user up and working as swiftly as possible.

Niall Higgins, Senior Support Technician, added “Being on the front line with calls and emails, we receive a real mixture of faults and problems to deal with daily. The support documents are very easy to understand, and the checklists ensure that the really important details required to handle any fault can be captured instantly. Ultimately this leads to a quicker resolution time, and that’s what we all want.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine