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ICUK Releases Two Factor Authentication for Portal Users

With an ever increasing reliance on online portals as a source of information or to enact changes, ensuring that only the right set of eyes can access this has increased in significance. Traditionally, portals are reliant on granting access with a username and password control. However, as we all can appreciate there are numerous methods in which these details can be stolen and used without consent; Using the same password across more than one application, downloading malicious software from the Internet, or inadvertently clicking on a link within an email can have hidden consequences. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) helps provide an additional layer of security meaning that knowledge of a password is no longer enough.

The introduction of 2FA, as part of version 15.1, allows control panel users to make use of a multitude of third party applications to generate a unique and time sensitive codes. Unlike applications used by banks ICUK are not using proprietary code generators, they provide 2FA users the ability to pick between using an app on their smart phone or built into their browser. No longer is it good enough to have knowledge of a password, you must now have physical access to the users phone or computer to achieve access to the portal.

2FA is being made available as an option for all reseller control panels, as well as to end user interfaces. Resellers can choose to enforce this as standard, or leave for their client to choose. Paul Barnett (pictured), Director of ICUK, commented “We hope that the introduction of 2FA leads to proactive thinking about portal security for our resellers, and brings increased awareness of just how sensitive the data can be in the wrong hands, or the implications of a compromise. As consumer awareness of online security increases this can hopefully be a feature which makes its way into sales processes to instil confidence.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine