Ikea launches pay as you go mobile service today

Even Ikea is at it now; from Friday 8 August, Ikea will offer its Ikea Family loyalty programme members another benefit by introducing an easy to manage, pay as you go mobile SIM card package called Family Mobile, at what it claimed is the UK’s lowest price for pay as you go.

Organised in partnership with Mobile Partners UK, Family Mobile has no hidden charges. Ikea Family members only pay for the air time they use. In keeping with Ikea values, it offers a simple, low price price plan of just 9p a minute for all UK calls and 6p for all UK text messages, at any time, on any day.

Teddy Pedersen, managing director at Mobile Partners UK, commented: “The UK market is best characterised as a price jungle, with incomprehensible price plans and confusing offers with conditions. Headline prices are usually not all that they seem. In bringing about this offer together with Ikea, it was key for us to introduce a product with simple low prices. Therefore we offer just one low price for all UK calls at 9p per minute, and one low price for texts at 6p a message.”

Jason Baker, Ikea UK CRM manager, said: “In the current climate where every penny counts, Ikea is offering another benefit to our loyal customers. You can’t control the rising costs of petrol, utility bills or food but by being at least 25% cheaper than any other comparable pay as you go offer, Family Mobile can help you take control of your mobile phone costs.”

Last Tuesday Ikea presented every one of its 9,500 co-workers in the UK a special introduction to the package by giving them a free Family Mobile SIM card with £5 of pre-loaded credit and a mobile phone.

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